A workshop for everyone to learn how to build and scale a React application using Hooks.

React Hooks

From the creator of Loadable Components, SVGR & Smooth UI.

Discover the power of React Hooks

React Hooks makes your code simpler and improves the sharing logic between your components. It is the new recommended way of coding React applications.

I will share with you my experience on a dozen of projects and complex problematics like data-fetching with Suspense and Code Splitting. This two-day workshop will give you keys to start and to be powerful.

  • Two days of intense workshop
  • Fundamental & Advanced React concepts
  • Adapted for everyone
  • Courses & exercises included
  • Some code, lots of code!
  • Q/A session with me

What will you learn?

  • Fundamentals of React with Hooks
  • Story of Hooks: motivation, patterns
  • State management (avoid redux)
  • Limits of Hooks
  • Think "effect", not "lifecycle"
  • Compose and share logic
  • Render-as-You-Fetch with Suspense
  • Performances optimization
  • Animate your UI with Hooks
  • Accessibility and keyboard handling
  • Use-case and usage of Refs
  • Create composable and reusable Hooks

Who should attend?


If you have finished the React tutorial, then you are ready for this workshop. We will start with React fundamentals using Hooks. Hooks simplifies things and makes React more accessible to beginners. The most important is to be comfortable with JavaScript and web-development itself.


If you have been working with React in production for a while and want to level-up, this workshop is perfect. We will start from basics and explore new things that will make your developer life simpler. Aside from basics, you will learn how to organize your code, scale your application and be more efficient than ever. After these two days, you will have a clear view on how to compose UI and reuse your code.


If you are already good with React, this workshop will make you discover Hooks and how to move forward your codebase. You will be able to exchange on complex problematics and I will give you the keys to solve them the best way you can. You will also learn how React is moving, the new features and the philosophy behind them. You will be able to teach your team at the end of the workshop.

Sonia Baibou
Developer, founder of Ellecode
3 days of #reactjs training with @smooth_code and THE expert @neoziro. Very intense, lots of tips to start, the good practices and choose the right lib, I 100% recommend for everyone who whan to start with #reactjs #React👏
Emmanuel Barachan
Developer at Scaleway
Great team, they know their subject! The React Advanced workshop opens my eyes on my gaps, I recommend!
Vianney Stroebel
Developer at Scaleway
A workshop "React high level" very complete with an expert that answers every of my questions.
Jeremy Robert
Developer at Veolia
Very good workshop, Greg is a very good teacher and an experienced developer. He takes time to explain if we feel lost. I highly recommend!
David Poulin
Freelance architect DevOps, Cloud & Mobility
I spent 2 days with Greg in a beautiful place, and I like it very much! Greg is great, he takes time to listen, explain, and understand, I highly recommend if you want to level-up on React, GraphQL & co!

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